Training and coaching management, staff and Operators

We train in an interactive and customised methodology management, staff and operators on all port and terminal related matters.

Management Training

From master planning, design of facilities, business plans and operational processes we cover the entire range of the business.

Training focusing on design of terminals, operations, customer service and the use of equipment, systems and technology for any level and for all types of ports and terminals.

Our experts have extensive experience teaching at renowned institutes, universities and specialise on dedicated and in-house tailored made training.

Selection of Operators

Together with our partner, Global Port Training, we specialise in measuring the eye-hand coordination of candidate equipment operators. Our testing system, consisting of hardware and dedicated software objectively measures the skill potential of candidates. The obtained results allow us to make a etailed fixed budget proposal for a tailored training program bringing a candidate from zero to hero level.

Operator training

With our partner, Global Port Training, we train operators for any kind of port or terminal equipment on simulators, in practice and in daily operations. Ship to shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, RTG, RMG, Straddle Carrier, Reach Stacker, Empty Container Handler, Fork Lift… really any type of machine. Our instructors come from the practice and continue to work in daily operations. They go way beyond telling how, they show how.

If you are ever short of operators, we’ll be happy to send a team to help you out.

Training and Coaching

Customers benefit from the experience and expertise built within PortsandTerminals training management, planners, dispatcher and operators. From design, master planning, processes, technology, maintenance and technical topics to operations. We train each and every member of the staff. Interactive workshops and dedicated in-house training with room for excercises and participation from the trainees are are our preferred format.

For management training our focus is on:

  1. Master planning
  2. Terminal design
  3. Process design and optimisation
  4. Technology and equipment for ports and terminals
  5. Process and operational optimisation
  6. Market Studies
  7. Procurement projects for ports and terminals


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