Consultancy, Engineering for Ports, Terminals and Logistics

Customers benefit from the experience and expertise built within PortsandTerminals building, optimising re-engineering operations and processes

Design Reviews

Review designs made by consulting engineers and focus on the operational reality and workability and give practical advice on the layout.

Ports and Terminals experts eliminate bottlenecks and constraints in the designs, making sure that terminal will reach their objectives in terms of performance, annual throughput, level of customer service and above all revenue and profit.

Procurement assistance

Provide procurement assistance: after the designs are finalised and confirmed, our experts assist during the negotiation, design review cycles and the manufacturing supervision and factory testing of software solutions and technology. 

 Starting from the objectives and operation reality we assess the operations and process, model and implement improvements.

TOS, PMIS, Technology

To select the best suited TOS, PMIS, Gate System or any other technology we know the market, the suppliers and their capabilities.We will guide and accompany you during the selection process from first contact with the market to contract negotiation and implementation, including change management and communication with your customers and stakeholders.

We help identify, manage and overcome risks and make your project a success.

Consultancy and Engineering

Customers benefit from the experience and expertise built within PortsandTerminals when terminal operators or ports build new facilities or want to optimise existing operations. The main focus of this business area is the operations, operational processes and resources producing the services. By services we understand the loading and discharging of vessels, receipt and delivery of cargoes at the gate, yard operations or any additional service, such as stuffing, stripping, logistics operations, container repair, cleaning, fumigation etc. For auditing and engineering, we can step in during any phase of the project at hand. The maximum return will be achieved when PortsandTerminals are involved early in the process, at the actual start.

Focus on:

  1. Master planning
  2. Terminal design
  3. Process design and optimisation
  4. Technology and equipment for ports and terminals
  5. Process and operational optimisation
  6. Market Studies
  7. Procurement projects for ports and terminals


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