Supervising & steering technology projects

Customers benefit from the experience and expertise built within PortsandTerminals when implementing technology projects reducing risks.

Scope, Timing and Budget

Our experts have been on the sales, procurement and implementation side for decades. Implementing technology is a project most terminal and port staff do only once, maybe two times in a lifetime. Our experts have been doing and managing implementations over and over again. Our insights and experience will help avoding pitfalls and will keep risks to a minimum.

Keeping track

Essential when implementing technology systems, such as TOS, gate systems, port management systems etc. requires in-depth knowledge of the business. This goes way beyond the classical project implementation and management text books. Speaking the same langauge and understanding how customers, such as shipping lines, judge the terminals and ports is crucial. Our methodology, sets of documentation and expertise are vaulable assets in any implementation project.

Change Management, HR and Communication

Implementing technology and systems has a significant impact on staff on all levels. Communication, insights and creating involvement and collaboration enables a smooth transition. We’ll be happy to share how to do it and will show and help in every step of the project.

Informing stakeholders such as shipping lines, agents, trucking companies and any other stakeholder about the new procedures will contribute to a smooth switch to the new systems. We’ll share our expertise and provide input for leaflets, presentations, web pages, movies and will help communicating with your business partners.

Project Steering, Supervision and Communication

Our experts have implemented many technology projects around the world, in every continent of the world. Their knowledge about maritime processes and procedures is your guarantee for a smooth implementation within time and budget.

We’ll help identify and overcome risks and resolve challenges. We act, are hands-on, concrete, to-the-point and get things done.

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